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Our Technical Teams have been placed on rotation to facilitate any installation or home visits. 


  • All installations will now be completed within 7-14 working days. 

  • Technical visits will be scheduled accordingly.

  • Our technicians will be provided with all necessary protective equipment to conduct their job.

  • Please be advised, if, during a visit, our technical teams observe customers with flu-like symptoms, Air Link Communications reserve the right to reschedule installations/visit. 

  • If the customer notices our Technical Teams with flu-like symptoms, entry can be denied and the customer MUST Contact our Office IMMEDIATELY. 

  • Emergency Response teams have been scheduled should there be any outage within our network.


Following the recommendations outlined by the Ministry of Health (MOH) and the World Health Organization (WHO), at our payment centre, we have increased the sanitization of all high-traffic touchpoints. 


While we each do our part to limit the spread of the Covid-19 virus in keeping with the guidance of our authorities, we urge customers to consider utilizing our other payment options primarily our online payment option. 


Air Link Online Portal with the use of Credit Cards or Visa Debit Cards


Alternate Payment Options:

  • Via Outlets

  • Western Union 

  • Bill express

  • First Citizen Bank Direct Deposit




  • All equipment exchange MUST be called-in and a Technician will be assigned to visit

  • All installation and other query requests will be done via phone effective Monday 23rd March, 2020

  • Your account number or name MUST be readily available upon payment at cashier. 

  • Where cash is a necessity please ensure the exact amount is provided. No change will be rendered to limit exchange and will be entered into your account.

  • The use of card payments will be promoted to lessen the handling of cash as much as possible. 

  • No children are allowed in the payment centre.

  • Please observe and follow our caution lines provided to ensure our social space is observed.

  • Please observe a social space of 6 feet while waiting in line from individuals who may seem unwell. 

  • Those individuals who exhibit flu-like symptoms are asked to be responsible and use our online payment or other open concept mediums.

  • Door handles, telephone and countertops will be sanitized regularly. 

Our Commitment to our Customers


Dear Valued Customer,

At Air Link Communications Ltd. (ALC) we will continue working together to ensure the health and safety of our customers and our staff members during the COVID-19 pandemic, We are taking the necessary preventative measures to minimise disruptions to our valued customers. 


In the event of a nationwide quarantine, our entire workforce has been equipped with the necessary resources to be able to work remotely. This is to ensure our customers continue to receive excellent customer care service which is our top priority during these trying times.


Until such time, our staff are currently working on a rotational basis providing the necessary customer support you may require. We are kindly asking customers to please be considerate and we will try our best to keep interruptions to a minimum.

STay Safe and Connected.jpg



As we continue to support our customers in these trying times, we will be launching our “STAY SAFE. STAY CONNECTED” Campaign to ensure our customers remain connected to their loved ones during the quarantine period. 


Stay connected with the ECONO BUNDLE!

Disconnected customers will be offered the Econo Bundle* to stay connected with their loved ones in this time of need. All reconnection fees will be waived. There will also be NO ADDITIONAL LATE FEES for LATE Payments.


ECONO BUNDLE - 10MB + 50 Channels  for only $150/Mth  (Vat inclusive)


Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us via Social Media, Call Centre (612-5465) or via

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