There are three types of TV packages to choose from:


130+ Channels

Sign up for Advance Tv and get ALL local Channels, Your Favorite Network and International News Channel. Also a Wide array of Kids, Educational and Religious Channels. This perfectly balanced Line up also comes with Premium Movies & Sports Channels.

Price (Vat Inc)



75+ Channels

When you sign up for Basic Tv you get ALL local Channels, as well as some of your Favorite Network and International News Channels. Also popular Kids, Educational and Religious Channels. This Line up also comes with Movie & Sports Channels.

Price (Vat Inc)



50+ Channels

On a budget but still want some TV entertainment? We got you covered with the Economy Tv package. Get all your local channels as well as a dash of Network, Kids, Religious, Movie & Sports. 

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Installation Fees Applies for All Single Services

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Automatic Monthly Contract Renewal

Face Off
The Big Bang Theory
Ellen's Game of Games
Family Feud
Project Runway
Love & Hip Hop
Diners, Drive-In & Dives

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