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Internet TV Box

An Airlink internet TV Box uses the Internet infrastructure to receive media content, from our Air Link Servers and provide you with High-quality TV service with the use of your High-Speed internet connection. 

Av cables

The AV cable is an Audio and Video cable. It is used to provide sound and picture on your television, used to connect the Internet Tv Box to NON-HDMI Television Set.

Ethernet Cable

The Ethernet cable is a standard cable with two identical ports on either end, it connects the set up kit to your router for direct internet connection

Power Adapter

The adapter is the circuitry required to support the prepaid kit. It connects from the power outlet port at the back of the set up kit.


HDMI Cable

HDMI, which stands for high-definition multimedia interface, supports the connection between a device such as a Blu-ray player or Internet TV Box and a flat-screen HDTV or projector. The cables are also used for audio equipment such as mixers, recording systems and speakers.


The remote is a programmed device that allows you to operate all your functionality of your Internet Tv Box from one handset.

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