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For over ten years, Air Link Communications has been a dedicated advocate for community development.


Our commitment extends to offering complimentary services to schools, public libraries, police, and fire stations. Through the One Community Initiative, we aim to broaden access to high-speed internet in public spaces, including beaches, parks, and recreational grounds. With over 25 entities already reaping the benefits of this initiative, we plan to further expand its reach in 2024 and beyond. 

Providing High-Speed Internet Access in public spaces can positively impact education, connectivity, emergency services, community engagement, job opportunities, digital inclusion, the local economy, recreation, health, and innovation within the community.


Experience the impact of the Air Link One Community Initiative at Moruga Beach Facility—an event by Air Link Communication that unfolded on January 19, 2024. Witness the technological milestone with FREE Wi-Fi, shaping a united community narrative. Join us in reliving the connected future at Moruga Beach Facility and see firsthand the power of Air Link Communication's connectivity. #onecommunity #airlink #airlink #freewifi #internet #isupportlocal


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