Frequently asked questions


How can I reset my modem?

Simply unplug your modem from the power source or press the "Reset" button on the modem.

Will I receive a router?

Yes, there is a built in router in the modem.

Can I connect to the internet wirelessly?

Yes, the built-in router will distribute wi-fi connectivity, allowing you wi-fi on your devices.

How can I login to my modem?

Please follow the steps on the label to the back off the modem.

Does my modem have a firewall?

Yes, there is a firewall in the modem.

How can I block persons from connecting to my internet?

Please contact our Customer Care Department at 612-5465 option 5

How far can I receive wi-fi?

Within 100 feet from the router. Distance may vary due to placement of modem as well as signal obstruction. (Walls, Wires, Connected Devices)

Can I login to my modem and make adjustments?

Yes, you can login but it is not recommended. Please contact a CSR for assistance.

Can I leave my modem unplugged when I am not using it?

It is optional but not recommended.

Am I billed for the internet when my modem is unplugged?

Yes, you are billed for the internet when the modem is unplugged.

Can I relocate my modem after it is installed?

Yes you can, but it is not recommended (especially for Fibre Connections)

How do I troubleshoot?

Step 1: Check how many lights are on the modem.

Step 2: Reboot the modem by simply unplugging the adapter from the electrical outlet, wait ten seconds and reinsert the adapter.

Step 3: The lights must read as follows: power, DS/receive, US/send, online, link, if not please contact the call centre.

After rebooting if the following scenarios occur:

DS/ blinking - Contact CSR

US/send blinking - Contact CSR

DS and US blinking together- verify the MAC address and check the status of the modem

Online - Contact CSR


How do I use the radio on my STB?

Please click on the menu button and navigate the radio.

How do I program my remote?

Step 1: Press setup and "A". Step 2: Hold down until the TV or Cable button blinks twice. Step 3: The television will power off. Step 4: Power on the television and enjoy your cable!

How do I troubleshoot No signal in the middle of the screen, both lights on with channel number?

Hand power the stb by pressing the on/off button. Check the av cord connected to the back of the back of the box. (red, yellow and white).

How do I troubleshoot, No signal at the top of the screen or bouncing around ( blue screen) ?

Hand power the box by pressing on/off button Select the correct input/source by pressing the video input button on your black remote or access the television and remote and press the input/source-change the inputs.

How do I troubleshoot No IC card?

Step 1: Open the window on the box where the card is inserted and remove the IC card. Step 2: Reinsert the card into the slot, ensuring the blue side is facing up, white side down and arrow forward. Step 3: If the message still appears on the screen, verify card number and contact a CSR immediately.

How do I troubleshoot unrecognized card?

You can return the stb to the office or contact a CSR. A technician will be scheduled to visit with 24 to 48 working hours to have the issue rectified.

How do I troubleshoot duplicated/ missing channels?

Hand power the stb by pressing the on/off button and verify the lights that are on the box. Proceed to perform and auto scan. Black remote: on/off button located in the last row. White remote: Auto scan button located under 7.

My EPG /Guide is not working.

Hand power the stb by pressing the on/off button and verify the lights that are on the box. If the problem persists please contact a CSR.

Can my setup box work with HDMI cables?

The setup box is required to work with av cables.

How do I troubleshoot No signal in the middle of the screen- red light and time only on the stb?

Step 1: Hand power the box by pressing the on/off button and verify the lights that are on the setup box. Step 2: Check the coaxial cable to the back of the box ensuring it is screwed in properly. Step 3: Press cable and power on the black remote control to power the box on. If the problem still persists contact the call centre.

STB not powering on/ not working.

Step 1: Hand power the box by pressing the on/off button and verify the lights that are on the box. Step 2: If the box is not powering on try plugging in to another electrical outlet. Contact the call centre if troubleshooting fails for a technician to visit within 24-48 working hours.

How do I troubleshoot Program No Right on the screen?

Please contact the Call Centre.


How do I change my volume settings?

Step 1: Select settings and go to TV and Sound. Step 2: Go to the line with SOUND INPUT and use the side arrows of the remote to change Stereo option.

How do I adjust the TV screen width (full screen)?

Step 1: Select settings Step 2: Go to TV and Sound Step 3: Navigate to MY TV Screen, using the side arrow of the remote to change the option from 16:9 to 4:3 broadcasting stretched.

What do I do if there is Media Playback Error" on the screen?

Step 1: Power of the prepaid kit. Step 2: Reboot your modem. Step 3: Power on the setup kit If the issue persists, please contact the Call Centre.

How do I troubleshoot "No Channels Available" on the screen?

Please contact the Call Centre.

How can I apply for Cable TV on the Amazon Fire Stick?

Step 1: Download the "Air Link TV" app from the Amazon App Store. Step 2: Sign-up by clicking the 'Sign up" Button on the app or visit Step 3 : You will receive an email with your Credentials Step 4 : Log in the App Step 5: Enjoy

Does Air Link Communications supply firesticks?

Air Link Communications do not retail the Amazon Fire Stick, However you can visit any one of our authorized Air Link TV Prepaid Dealer:


How do I troubleshoot media playback error on my screen?

Step 1. Please reboot the modem. Step 2. onfirm if the broadband and service lights are green. If the lights are red the technician has to visit.

How do I reboot my IPTV?

Step 1: Reboot the modem. Step 2: Reset the cable box by pressing the button on the setup kit.

How do I program my remote?

What is Air Link Gigabit?

Air Link Gigabit TV is cable service that runs on a fibre connection. The fibre package provides customers with a superior experience with high definition content.